• This Is Day One

    We help build Asia's Most Innovative Companies

  • We Are Day One Search

    We Find The Best Person To Join Your Company

    Based on your business needs, we locate the person with the best-fit skillset, persuade him/her on your company and the job, so that we can close the vacancy and you can get back to your core work.
  • Why Use Us?

    Finding the right person is incredibly hard. It takes hard work to reach out to the right person, convince them of the opportunity, and selling them hard to take the interview. We are small - that means we try harder.

  • Our business is taking care

    of your talent needs.

    Our Competitive Edge

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    The Best Talent

    We help Southeast Asia's most innovative companies find, hire and retain the best talent available regionally.

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    The Perfect Fit

    We are obsessive over finding you the best talent that most fits your mission, your culture and your ethos.

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    The Speed of Light

    Finding the perfect fit is hard. In most cases, speed is critical. We put the pedal to the metal all day, every day.

  • We help take your business

    to the next level.

    Together we reach the goal.